Seven Wonders of the Web

This area is here to help you find something entertaining out of all the flotsam and jetsam that seems to be clogging up the web these days. It is more (and at the same time, less) than the old standard "here's my bookmarks". I find other people's bookmarks terribly boring, and you probably wouldn't like mine. (If you don't believe me, check them out at

Rather, this is a collection of entertaining web sites that I and my friends and co-workers have found in our travels. This means that they are either amusing in one way or another, or they are related to more traditional and institutional forms of entertainment. There are a few things that are both, and maybe some that are neither, although these may be present because including them here (out of context) actually makes them more entertaining.

The list is broken up into groups of sites that I thought were related at the time I was categorizing them. Every one of these sites is certified to be excellent (in some way) by a crack team of specialists, consisting of myself and everyone who agrees with me. A detailed analysis of the rating system is available for your perusal.

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