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7WW: Misc and Sundry Humour

British Humour | Death Humour | Pointless Web Sites | Miscellaneous Misc Humour

British Humour

 ****Monty Python Online

Death Humour

     Stick Figure Death Theatre


     Road Kill Diaries

 ***+Official Darwin Awards (would be ****+, but it's getting outdated)

****+Celebrity Dead Pool

     Celebrity Death Pool

     Dead People Server

     Celebrity Morgue

****+The Death Clock

Pointless Web Sites

     Infrequently Asked Questions

*****Empty Web Site

*****The Last Web Page


     The Flat-Earth Society

Miscellaneous Misc Humour

     Yahoo!'s Humour section

*****KaleCo Auto

*****Break the Chain

 ***+Internet TidBits

 ****April Fools on the Net

  ***Headline Haikus

     The Amazing Dancing Baby!

     Pay Phone Directory

     The Official Prison Penpal Site

     The History of the World According to Student Bloopers

 ***+The Isle of Stomgrog

 ***+Yiddish Dictionary

 ***+Bogus Research Page (hey, free plug!)

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