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7WW: Rating System

We thought it would be useful to the average user, namely YOU, to devise some sort of rating system so that you would know which sites here were the best and which were only included because of some ulterior motive or possible brain damage.

We therefore assembled an exhaustive list of criteria and formulae for combining the various ratings into a single, easy-to-use number. We then had an independent panel of several hundred average users (try to imagine several hundred people just like you) rate each and every site on a scale of 1-1000 on all criteria, and compiled the results.

We then proceeded to completely disregard these results, and just started to rank sites based on how much we personally like them.

This process has only just begun, so please don't assume that a site without a rating is the same as a site with a zero rating. (Fact is, we'll never rate anything below a three, because linking to crappy sites like that defeats the purpose of being here.)

 ****Very good!
*****Don't miss!!!!!!!