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7WW: Science and Technology Humour

Uses and Abuses | The Scientific Method | Humour About Computers | Humour Using Computers

Uses and Abuses

****+Earthcam directory of cameras around the world

 ***+Yahoo!'s Devices Connected to the Net section

 ****Force-Ten revenge, spying, police & military catalog

 ***+Special Materials Ltd.

 ****George Goble on how to light a charcoal grill FAST

 ****Hawaiian Fire Department Jet Powered Fire Truck

 ***+Omniscience Futureneering

 ****The Millennium Meteor Fireworks Project

The Scientific Method

 ****Annals of Improbable Research

 ****Journal of Irreproducable Results

****+Bad Science

****+Characterization of Organic Illumination Systems

*****Peep Research

 ****Bunny Survival Tests

 ****Bunny Survival Tests, Chapter II: The Bunnies Strike Back


 ***+Random Destructive Acts via Focused Solar Radiation

 ***+Curiousities Related to Chemistry

Robert A.J. Matthews and Murphy's Law

****+Why toast lands buttered side down

 ****Why odd socks accumulate

 ****Why string acquires knots

 ****Why where you're going is always on the edge or crease of a map

 ****Why you should ignore weather forecasts

Humour About Computers

 ****The Bastard Operator from Hell!

 ****Hacker's Wisdom

 ****Stupid Computer Users

 ****Computer Stupidities

 ****Microsoft Lexicon

 ***+Undocumented Windows 95 Errors

 ****Windows-NT vs CP/M

****+Canadian Internet Licensing Board

Humour Using Computers

 ***+The Anagram Genius Server

*****The Dialectizer

  ***The Random Technology Phrase Generator

 ****Zeek's Real Magic Trick

 ****The Flash Mind Reader

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